Every airport already has multiple bookstores, and there’s nothing better to do than read a book on a long flight. How can Penguin capture this “transportation” market?

CW: John Bense AD: Campbell Fay

The Machine

This is Flying Penguins: a library in a vending machine in an airport. The next time you’re at the airport, use this vending machine to borrow something to read. The book is yours for the duration of your trip. To return it, use the provided envelope and shipping label—or drop it in the bin at your destination.

Flying Penguins machine slot Book package from a Flying Penguins machine
A Flying Penguins machine


Out-of-home advertising will be placed outside participating airports to spread the word.

Don’t have a service dog? Get a service penguin. Pick up some light reading. After all, You’re on an airplane. But in-flight entertainment that doesn’t require janky headphones.